Capetonians have mixed emotions on reinstated alcohol ban and curfew

Cape Town – President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Sunday an immediate ban on the sale of alcohol and the reinstatement of a national curfew from 9pm to 4am. Capetonians had mixed emotions on the new restrictions.

Simone Borez, 39, from Grassy Park said she was in agreement with the government’s alcohol ban and curfew, but raised other concerns.

“We will not die because of the alcohol ban but my concern is thousands of people will be jobless. Retrenchments are on the cards. We have bigger problems like the lack of equal education, homelessness, people dying of hunger, people living in shacks in this cold weather, and government officials stealing millions.”

Simone Borez, 39, from Grassy Park

Zandile Myeki, 26, from Gugulethu said: “It is a good idea in terms of decreasing the high volume of people running around and using the little money they have that they could use for basic needs. Also taking into perspective the level of physical abuse when people are under the influence of alcohol.

“Another thing is, a mask is not a biological organ that humans are born with, so when people are under the influence of alcohol they easily get irritated and remove the mask which contributes to the spread of Covid-19.”

Stanley Jacobs, 40, from Strandfontein said: “If there are no strict measurements in place this will mean nothing, people will still go around and disobey the curfew.

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