WATCH Ramaphosa addresses South Africans on lockdown

READ ALL OUR CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE President Cyril Ramaphosa will on Thursday address South Africans as the expected end date of the national lockdown on April 30 approaches. This week, Ramaphosa informed Parliament... Read more »

eBooks marked down for lockdown

SPONSORED While bookstores may be temporarily closed during lockdown, you can still read and stay safe with this unmissable collection of Pan Macmillan eBooks. Available for both Amazon Kindle and Kobo eReaders,... Read more »

Covid-19 stigma: Revealing the pre-existing fault lines in our society

COMMENT During the 1970s, the famous German philosopher Jürgen Habermas suggested that a pacemaker would be a good metaphor for a society’s ability and willingness to integrate and resettle marginalised groups within... Read more »

HIV, TB and COVID-19 screening should be integrated

The South African National AIDS Council (Sanac) wants HIV and TB screening to be incorporated into the testing and screening for COVID-19. Sanac says it does not want to see a reversal... Read more »

Afrihost IPC graph reveals how the lockdown changed Internet usage in South Africa

Afrihost’s IPC usage reveals that South Africans are using far more bandwidth during the day because of the current work-from-home lockdown. IPC (IP Connect) is a wholesale service used by Internet service... Read more »

Phase two of temporary permits for informal traders in JHB

The Department of Economic Development in the City of Johannesburg has announced Phase Two of the issuing of temporary permits for informal traders. The department last month took a decision to suspend... Read more »

Courier companies crippled by lockdown regulations

Courier companies and logistics businesses have seen a massive drop in revenue due to COVID-19 regulations in South Africa. While there are still couriers on the road, companies are currently only servicing... Read more »

Pharmacy fast-tracks rollout of medication smart lockers

Right ePharmacy, a private pharmacy in South Africa has started to fast-track the rollout of its smart lockers to different communities in the country. The pharmacy says it wants to ensure that... Read more »

Retired judge calls for COVID-19 data system to stop spread of fake news

Retired Constitutional Court Judge Zak Yacoob has appealed to government to urgently create a National, Regional and Local COVID-19 information system to disseminate information in order to avoid the spread of fake... Read more »

Man arrested for printing fake essential worker permits

The Gauteng Department of Community Safety has called on members of the public to refrain from purchasing and using fraudulent permits to move around during the lockdown period. On Wednesday. a 41... Read more »

Ramaphosa to address the nation on Thursday

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to address the nation again on Thursday on government’s plans to gradually lift the lockdown. The lockdown in its current format is expected to end next week... Read more »

Review: ‘Afterland’ — a novel that foreshadows the Covid-19 pandemic

Afterland by Lauren Beukes (Umuzi) You know that thing that happens when you learn a new word? Suddenly it’s ubiquitous — you come across it in newspapers, online, in the novel you’re reading;... Read more »

Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba, JD offer bookings for Covid-19 tests

INTERNATIONAL – Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba and JD have each launched booking services for Covid-19 tests, the companies announced. The services have been launched as China accelerates testing for the illness and... Read more »

Coronavirus: Lifting lockdowns could see virus ‘reignite’, WHO warns

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned against complacency in the fight against the coronavirus, saying the disease “will be with us for a long time”. Dr Tedros Adhanom... Read more »

‘Unemployment grant not sustainable for basic living’

Unemployed graduate, Hlengiwe Mkhwanazi, says a temporary grant of R350 will not be helpful in sustaining the basic needs of unemployed people. Although she has welcomes the grant, she says it is... Read more »

DRC’s health system is ‘on life support’ as it fights several killer diseases, including coronavirus

Now the central African nation, with a crumbling and overwhelmed health system, is facing another deadly enemy in the coronavirus pandemic. “It is a very challenging environment where all of these multiple... Read more »

Coronavirus: Germany’s states make face masks compulsory

All of Germany’s states have announced plans to make face masks compulsory to combat the spread of coronavirus. Bremen became the final federal region to back the measures, with its senate set... Read more »

In a pandemic, science and humanities work side by side

COMMENT As an anthropologist, the Covid-19 pandemic is a Janus-faced muse. On the one hand, the humanitarian crisis is so extreme that no one has quite yet got a handle on the... Read more »

Economic crisis and jobs bloodbath loom in South Africa

Many economists and business leaders are warning that South Africa faces an economic crisis due to the prolonged and strict lockdown in the country. One of these economists is Mike Schussler, who... Read more »

Cele lauds law enforcement agencies in enforcing lockdown regulations

Police Minister Bheki Cele has thanked the SAPS, the SANDF, Provincial Traffic, Metro Police Departments and other law enforcement agencies, for doing fairly well in terms of enforcing the regulations. Thursday marks... Read more »

Dead People are Receiving Stimulus Checks, Many Alive Still Waiting

The federal government admits it’s sent stimulus payments to more than 80 million people so far, but some of ’em will never get the dough … ’cause they’re dead. As the IRS... Read more »

DJ Warras’s hot take regarding social grants backfires

DJ Warras landed in hot water on Tuesday after he tweeted that he didn’t agree with social grant payments before Covid-19. During is speech on Tuesday night, one of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s... Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Earth Day’, Dr Jane Goodall flags the lessons to be learned from Covid-19

With the world in lockdown as the coronavirus pandemic spreads, Dr Jane Goodall says we need to learn from it.  In a recent telephonic interview with the leading English primatologist and anthropologist,... Read more »