Rollouts delayed – How South Africa’s fibre networks are impacted by the lockdown

Fibre network operators in South Africa have seen their operations limited by the coronavirus lockdown. While the government has classified telecommunications infrastructure as an essential service, certain limitations under the restrictions have... Read more »

How mobile networks are dealing with the lockdown

South African mobile networks are among the most affected by the national lockdown due to the massive increase in traffic on their networks. Major operators also recently cut their data prices in... Read more »

Afrihost IPC graph reveals how the lockdown changed Internet usage in South Africa

Afrihost’s IPC usage reveals that South Africans are using far more bandwidth during the day because of the current work-from-home lockdown. IPC (IP Connect) is a wholesale service used by Internet service... Read more »

Motorola Edge and Edge+ launched – Pricing and specifications

Motorola has unveiled its latest flagship smartphones – the Edge and Edge+. The lineup represents the company’s first flagship entries since the Moto Z was repurposed as a mid-range competitor. Both devices... Read more »

South Africa’s “essential services” definition is hurting tech businesses

The nationwide COVID-19 lockdown has been a significant challenge for businesses operating in South Africa. Many technology companies are struggling due to the government previously labelling hardware and gadgets as non-essential goods... Read more »

Retired judge calls for COVID-19 data system to stop spread of fake news

Retired Constitutional Court Judge Zak Yacoob has appealed to government to urgently create a National, Regional and Local COVID-19 information system to disseminate information in order to avoid the spread of fake... Read more »

Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba, JD offer bookings for Covid-19 tests

INTERNATIONAL – Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba and JD have each launched booking services for Covid-19 tests, the companies announced. The services have been launched as China accelerates testing for the illness and... Read more »

Facebook launches gaming app for Android users

DURBAN – Popular social networking site Facebook has now launched the Facebook Gaming app on Google Play.  Facebook Gaming app The Facebook Gaming app is a focused, gaming-only experience where you can... Read more »

Hands-on with the Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei recently unveiled its new P40 flagship smartphone range, offering new features and an overhauled software suite. The new devices boast impressive hardware and powerful new capabilities compared to the previous generation... Read more »

Increased sales and data traffic – How the coronavirus affected South Africa’s ISPs

South African ISPs have adapted their business operations in recent weeks to deal with the impact of the coronavirus. MyBroadband previously spoke to several ISPs who indicated they had seen huge increases... Read more »

Woodwork over PlayStation and Netflix for Cheetahs’ Gerhard Olivier

JOHANNESBURG – While the majority of South Africa’s pro rugby players may have sore thumbs from pressing their PlayStation and Xbox consoles and others may have square eyes from binge-watching Netflix, Cheetahs... Read more »

How a pandemic took the book industry online

For as long as the country is under lockdown and books are not considered essential, all physical book retailers, warehouses and distribution centres will remain closed. Book releases have been postponed and... Read more »

Rain’s network speeds severely impacted by lockdown

Rain’s network has come under severe strain during the lockdown. This has resulted in many subscribers complaining about poor speeds. MyBroadband has received numerous emails from irate Rain subscribers saying their service... Read more »

Uncapped fibre showdown – The best deals in South Africa

Internet connections have become a far more important part of the daily lives of South Africans following the implementation of the national lockdown. Local fibre network operators have stepped up to meet... Read more »

No, you have not been banned from posting coronavirus updates to WhatsApp

A message doing the rounds on WhatsApp claims that the South African government has banned everyone but its own departments from providing updates about COVID-19 and the coronavirus that causes it. The... Read more »

South African tech companies are adapting to keep their doors open

Many South African tech retailers and ecommerce stores were forced to shut their doors because of strict lockdown regulations which prohibit the sale of most products. The decision by the government to... Read more »

The 17-step process to save an Excel file – Why companies are battling to submit UIF claims

South African businesses which apply for financial assistance from the UIF’s Temporary Employer-Employee Scheme (TERS) are required to complete a 17-step process to ensure their Excel files are saved in the “correct... Read more »

Behind the scenes at South Africa’s impressive COVID-19 tech hub

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has repurposed an operations centre set up for the 2010 FIFA World Cup as a dedicated COVID-19 information hub. Housed in a secure facility... Read more »

Cell C BlackBOX – Flash it or throw it in the bin

Cell C’s set-top-box for its now-defunct Black streaming service is currently unusable, according to feedback from a former subscriber. The operator announced it was discontinuing its streaming service at the end of... Read more »

Google working on a smart debit card

Google is working on its own smart debit card, according to a report from TechCrunch. It is developing both physical and virtual debit cards for its Google Pay platform, stated the report.... Read more »

Desktop vs Laptop – How South Africans work from home

The large majority of tech-savvy South Africans working from home are doing so on a laptop. This is according to the results of MyBroadband’s Working from Home 2020 Survey, which was conducted... Read more »

You’ve heard of 5G. Now meet Wi-Fi 6

Got Wi-Fi problems? Future routers will at least be ready for the next pandemic. With much of the US on home lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we’re all more... Read more »

New spectrum – What you can expect from Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, and Rain

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has issued temporary spectrum to Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, Rain, and Liquid Telecom. This spectrum will be released for the duration of the national state... Read more »