Desktop vs Laptop – How South Africans work from home

The large majority of tech-savvy South Africans working from home are doing so on a laptop.

This is according to the results of MyBroadband’s Working from Home 2020 Survey, which was conducted in April 2020.

2,348 MyBroadband readers took part in the survey, providing excellent insight into the tech-savvy segment of the market.

78% of respondents who are working from home during the national lockdown are doing so on a laptop, according to the results.

The second-most-popular option, quite a way behind with 18% of responses, was a desktop PC.

Working from home

Of the people who took part in the survey, 87% said they are working from home during the national lockdown.

Of those who are not working from home, many said they were essential services workers.

Working From Home

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Laptop vs Desktop

The laptop was by far the most popular choice among people who are currently working from home, taking nearly 80% of responses.

A contributing factor to this result is the fact that laptops have become extremely powerful in recent years – which means professionals who require high amounts of CPU or graphics processing power no longer need a desktop PC to get the job done.

Thanks to high-capacity SSDs coming down in price in recent years, storage space is also not an issue for laptop users as it may have been in the past.

Where people work

An interesting result from the survey was that over a third of respondents – 35% – working from home said they have a home office, where they currently spend their work day.

52% said they work from a table and chair at home, while 7% of respondents said they worked from a couch.

A small percentage – 4% – said they worked from their bed at home.

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