Someone Peeked At Toyota’s Two-Year Product Plan

Someone Peeked At Toyota’s Two-Year Product Plan – What’s Coming? Something Fast And Cool It Seems

Someone Peeked At Toyota’s Two-Year Product Plan – What’s Coming? Something Fast And Cool It Seems

(Words by Tom Lohnes) – Toyota being one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world constantly has to keep their lineup fresh. Lately they’ve kind of been slacking off with the Sequoia, 4-Runner, and Sienna all being very aged vehicles. However a keyboard sleuth leaked a picture of what appears to be Toyota’s two-year plan. The plan appears to house replacement models for the ancient Sequoia and Tundra, tough 4-Runner, and practical Sienna minivan, a new hybrid version of that mom buggy, and also a new Hybrid crossover of some sort likely to be based off of the Lexus UX platform. But one thing in particular caught my eye. It states that in Summer of 2021, a new version of their iconic 86 sports car should be unveiled to the public.

Still a partnership between Toyota and Subaru, the Subaru BRZ should keep its name, but expect the 86 to be called the GR86, due to Toyota’s new performance division, Gazoo Racing, or GR for short. The GR86 should fit in nicely in showrooms next to its bigger brother, the GR Supra. This time around though, the 86 won’t be slow. There have been rumors going around about Subaru, the powertrain supplier of the group will ditch the current naturally aspirated version of their FA20D 2.0 Liter Flat-4 boxer engine for a turbocharged version. called the FA20F. This one is likely to be ripped straight from the Subaru WRX. This engine should make around 270 horsepower and about 250 lb-ft of torque. All this extra power means beefing up the rubber, because the current tiny donuts on the car will definitely not make the cut if they do decide to turbo it

In conclusion, the GR86 will be a very fun to drive car. The extra power will make it a lot livelier in the corners and there will be a manual transmission available as well as an automatic that takes all of the fun out of the sports car. Expect the new 86 to hit dealers early 2022.

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