Uncapped fibre showdown – The best deals in South Africa

Internet connections have become a far more important part of the daily lives of South Africans following the implementation of the national lockdown.

Local fibre network operators have stepped up to meet the increased demand by offering free speed upgrades through ISPs, giving customers up to double their package speed at no extra charge.

Now that many South Africans are working from home, and may work from home in the future, it is a good time to assess the quality and price of your ISP.

To see the best-rated ISPs in South Africa, read our Q1 2020 ISP report.

Speed upgrades and comparison

For this article, we will only look at the price of ISP packages – with a focus on Openserve and Vumatel fibre. These two fibre network operators combined have the biggest FTTH reach in the country.

It must be noted, however, that while Vumatel provided ISPs and their clients with free speed upgrades, Openserve did not.

Vumatel’s original and upgraded speeds for symmetrical packages are therefore included in the comparison below.

Openserve’s speeds have not changed from their typical “pre-lockdown” offering, and the comparison reflects this.

The cheapest uncapped fibre packages in South Africa right now are detailed below. ISP packages which did not offer the same value as their competitors – including those with heavily-limited upload speeds – have been excluded.




ISP Package Price
RSAWEB 10/5Mbps R595
Afrihost 10/5Mbps R597
Cool Ideas 10/5Mbps R599
Mind the Speed 10/5Mbps R605
Supersonic 10/5Mbps R645
Axxess 10/5Mbps R645
Telkom 10/5Mbps R649
Telkom 20/10Mbps R699
RSAWEB 20/10Mbps R795
Supersonic 20/10Mbps R795
Mind the Speed 20/10Mbps R796
Afrihost 20/10Mbps R797
Axxess 20/10Mbps R805
Cool Ideas 20/10Mbps R819
RSAWEB 40/20Mbps R895
Mind the Speed 40/20Mbps R916
Afrihost 40/20Mbps R917
Axxess 40/20Mbps R935
Supersonic 40/20Mbps R955
Cool Ideas 40/20Mbps R999
Telkom 40/20Mbps R1,100
RSAWEB 100/50Mbps R1,095
Mind the Speed 100/50Mbps R1,116
Afrihost 100/50Mbps R1,117
Axxess 100/50Mbps R1,135
Supersonic 100/50Mbps R1,145
Cool Ideas 100/50Mbps R1,199
Telkom 100/50Mbps R1,499
RSAWEB 200/100Mbps R1,395
Mind the Speed 200/100Mbps R1.496
Afrihost 200/100Mbps R1,497
Cool Ideas 200/100Mbps R1,499
Axxess 200/100Mbps R1,505
Supersonic 200/100Mbps R1,549
Telkom 200/100Mbps R1,799


Vuma new logo

Vuma new logo

ISP Package Upgraded Speed Price
Mind the Speed 10/10Mbps 20/20Mbps R620
RSAWEB 10/10Mbps 20/20Mbps R695
Supersonic 10/10Mbps 20/20Mbps R695
Afrihost 10/10Mbps 20/20Mbps R699
Axxess 10/10Mbps 20/20Mbps R705
Cool Ideas 10/10Mbps 20/20Mbps R729
MWEB 10/10Mbps 20/20Mbps R729
Mind the Speed 20/20Mbps 50/50Mbps R790
RSAWEB 20/20Mbps 50/50Mbps R845
Supersonic 20/20Mbps 50/50Mbps R845
Afrihost 20/20Mbps 50/50Mbps R857
Axxess 20/20Mbps 50/50Mbps R865
Cool Ideas 20/20Mbps 50/50Mbps R929
MWEB 20/20Mbps 50/50Mbps R1,029
Mind the Speed 50/50Mbps 100/100Mbps R980
Supersonic 50/50Mbps 100/100Mbps R995
RSAWEB 50/50Mbps 100/100Mbps R1,035
Cool Ideas 50/50Mbps 100/100Mbps R1,049
Afrihost 50/50Mbps 100/100Mbps R1,067
Axxess 50/50Mbps 100/100Mbps R1,075
MWEB 50/50Mbps 100/100Mbps R1,189
Mind the Speed 100/100Mbps 200/200Mbps R1,140
RSAWEB 100/100Mbps 200/200Mbps R1,195
Supersonic 100/100Mbps 200/200Mbps R1,195
Afrihost 100/100Mbps 200/200Mbps R1,197
Cool Ideas 100/100Mbps 200/200Mbps R1.199
Axxess 100/100Mbps 200/200Mbps R1,205
MWEB 100/100Mbps 200/200Mbps R1,389
Mind the Speed 200/200Mbps 1,000/100Mbps R1,410
Afrihost 200/200Mbps 1,000/100Mbps R1,447
Axxess 200/200Mbps 1,000/100Mbps R1,455
RSAWEB 200/200Mbps 1,000/100Mbps R1,495
Cool Ideas 200/200Mbps 1,000/100Mbps R1.499
Supersonic 200/200Mbps 1,000/100Mbps R1,549
Axxess 1,000/100Mbps 1,000/100Mbps R1,495
Afrihost 1,000/100Mbps 1,000/100Mbps R1,497
Cool Ideas 1,000/100Mbps 1,000/100Mbps R1,499
MWEB 1,000/100Mbps 1,000/100Mbps R1,499
RSAWEB 1,000/100Mbps 1,000/100Mbps R1,595
Supersonic 1,000/100Mbps 1,000/100Mbps R2,599

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